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Intellectual Property

FTD Partners provides support to leading international business entities in various markets and industries.

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Corporate and Commercial Advisory

FTD Partners provides support to leading international business entities in various markets and industries in addition to emerging startup companies.

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Employment and Benefits

FTD Partners has a wide experience and strong capabilities in the field of Labor and Employment relationships and HR-related matters.

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Real Estate

No matter where you are in today's competitive real estate market, advice with a clear perspective is indispensable.

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The Role Insurers Play to Cover Many Perils in the Sports Industry

There is a correlation between Sports and insurance companies. The article sheds light on the importance role that insurers play to migrate...

OCTOBER 11, 2020
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Management of Joint Stock Companies in Egypt

The main differences between the two types of businesses are the speed at which they can be established, the amount of capital they must have, and the limitations they have on performing certain activities. For example, forming a JSC is more di...

MARCH 28, 2021
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The Ever-Given Ship Stuck in the Suez Canal, Who Will Pay for the Loss?

One of the world's busiest maritime trade routes was disrupted on March 24, 2021, when a massive container ship was swept away by strong winds and stranded as it crossed the waterway. The Ever Provided was traveling through the Suez Canal when it was struck by a sandstorm on March 23, 2021...

APRIL 3, 2021
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