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Debt Recovery for Relocation Services Company

Relocation services provider suffered substantial unpaid bills and thus filed a civil case against debtor to reclaim the receivables.

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Dissolution of Sale Contract of Residential Property

Breach of contract and attempt to terminate a contract

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Arbitration Case in Dubai International Arbitration Centre

Arbitration proceedings within the Real Estate field related to unperformed obligations of a party to the sale and purchase agreement...

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Dissolution of Real Estate SPA

Order a dissolution of the sale and purchase contract executed earlier in respect of a residential unit purchase, and compelling defendants...

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Legal Basis: Federal Law No. (11) of 1992 Concerning the Civil Procedures, Article No.138

As long as the judgment wording provided by the court is not ambiguous or unclear, and as long as it is backed by fair grounds that are considered adequate to prove its...

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Court of Cassation, Civil Judgment no. 97 of 2014

The consultant was not permitted by the court to keep the claimant's records due to the rules of the law. As a result of the claimant's failure to pursue the proper compliance proceeding...

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Judgment of the Federal Supreme Court of Cassation

Before it was recently amended, article no. 4 of the aforementioned law stated that trademarks with an international reputation and fame that extends beyond the borders of the country of origin could not be registered...

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The Limitation period for Filing a Lawsuit in Court

Filing a lawsuit prior to the expiration of the time limit set by law (Filing a case prematurely)

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Compensation Claim Against a «Wrongful» Arresting Party

A ship financing company (the claimant) made an arrest application against our client (the Ship owner) vessel pertaining to contact

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U.A.E Insurance Entity Claiming Debt from the Industry Rival

Property coverage insurance loss and losses suffered by the insurance provider required to be covered via court decision.

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Unreasonable Withholding of Required Written Approval

Dispute between employer and consultant.

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Moratory Interest Vs Compensation

In one of the cases considered by the Court of Cassation, the applicant submitted a challenge to the appeal judgment...

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Enforcement of Claimant's Contractual Relationship

Requesting the enforcement of the Claimant's contractual relationship with the First Defendant and the Borrower, or alternatively compensation for the work and services done to property and losses arising from the First Defendant's and Borrower's breach of contract.

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Insurance Debt Recovery

Over a period, several vehicles insured by our Client took part in road accidents and the Client had the pay the insurers approximately AED 8...

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Your Eligibility for Indemnification against Insurers Underlying Compulsory Insurance

Know the right to claim compensation from the insurance company once any car accident occurs

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Patent Infringement Case in the Petrochemical Industry 

A foreign petrochemical company's patent infringement case against UAE entity alleging the unauthorized use of it patent technology.

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Music Publishing House Infringement Case

Music in a background of a drama house and two television channels aired without any authorization and license from the composers and the...

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Trademark Infringement Case Within Pharmaceutical Field

The acts of the defendant to use a trademark, which was confusingly similar in pronunciation and identical outer packaging, had the potential...

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Arbitrary Dismissal Case

A significant decision by the Court of Cassation in one of the employment cases examined. The case was brought to court by an employee who was fired arbitrarily after receiving a termination letter but...

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Unfair Dismissal and Employment Contracts

Employee use of email communication, which deemed to be seriously offensive to the recipient according to the company regulations.

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Good Faith in Employment Contractual Obligations

Disclosure of confidential information about the Cliamant's business with a third party as an issue of a Good Faith in Employment...

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