Debt Recovery for Relocation Services Company

Relocation services provider suffered substantial unpaid bills and thus filed a civil case against debtor to reclaim the receivables.

NOVEMBER 3, 2020


FTD Partners represented a UAE based relocation Company. The Client provided relocation services and storage facility for the shipments coming from other countries. The counterparty was based outside UAE, which hired the relocation services of our Client several times as well as a storage facility for a long time period, however, never paid for the services. This use of relocation services and use of storage facility reached the bill of 150,000 AED.

Legal Issues:

The Client made several efforts on its own to reach the amicable settlement, however, unsuccessfully. FTD Partners served a legal notice on the other party and negotiated the terms of the payment of the outstanding bills for its services. However, the other party did not meet its obligations as negotiated earlier.

Legal Proceedings:

FTD Partners filed a civil suit for recovery at the behest of its Client, presented evidence in the support of its claims and against the conduct of counterparty.


The Court decided the case on merits after weighing in all the evidence and found that the defendant is guilty of breaching its contractual obligations and the negotiated terms of a settlement. Court ordered the Defendant to pay our Client an amount of 150,950 AED for the outstanding bills and vacate the storage facility immediately.

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