Patent Infringement Case in the Petrochemical Industry 

A foreign petrochemical company's patent infringement case against UAE entity alleging the unauthorized use of it patent technology.

JANUARY 7, 2020


FTD Partners defended a Patent infringement case on behalf of its Client. A foreign petrochemical company filed a patent infringement case against our Client based in UAE alleging the unauthorized use of its patented technology.

Legal Issues:

The Plaintiff obtained interim orders i.e. conservatory measures orders against our Client and stopped it from continuing its business activity involving the using of the alleged patent infringing technology.

Legal Proceedings:

The Plaintiff filed a civil case for the infringement of Patent in the technological advancement in the petrochemical industry against our Client. FTD Partners contested the case on merits, presented evidence before the court.


The Court decided that the Plaintiff has wrongfully accused our Client for the infringement of a patent. FTD Partners not only successfully got the conservatory measures vacated but successfully defended the Intellectual Property title of its Client in Petrochemical technology as well. The defendant was awarded damages of AED 300,000/- for the malicious prosecution and disrupting the business activity.

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