Your Eligibility for Indemnification against Insurers Underlying Compulsory Insurance

Know the right to claim compensation from the insurance company once any car accident occurs

DECEMBER 3, 2020

Compulsory Insurance,Health and Life.

Life is such a gift, and your health is precious. Then, we have to make you aware of your eligibility for indemnification against insurers underlying compulsory insurance.  

So, if you expose to damage as a result of a car accident, you can raise a claim for compensation against the insurance company, which is one of the insurance claims heard before the federal supreme court. According to Article 46/1 of law no (8) of 1986,every car within the UAE is covered by compulsory insurance against death and physical injury.

In disposing of the claim, the court set a considerable judicial precedent which entitled you to indemnify from the insurance company that covers by compulsory insurance under the applicable law.

In reply to the insurer challenge against the said indemnification, the compulsory insurance statute enacted to afford any car driver the duly protection against any death or bodily damage occurs due to an incident on the public thoroughfare. In such a case, you have the right to recourse to the insurer for payment of the due indemnity.

However, your right here based on the provisions of the mentioned law, separately from your recovery rights based on the insurance agreement. It's mean this right prescribed by law, not an insurance agreement. The court established a brief concept regarding this:

" Under the compulsory insurance statute, any damage sustained as a result of a car accident may be indemnified by the insurance company under law provisions. " (Challenge no. 184 of Judicial year no. 13, civil and commercial circuit)

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