Corporate and Commercial Advisory

FTD Partners provides support to leading international business entities in various markets and industries in addition to emerging startup companies and investment organisations with respect to all their business activities towards their development and the growth of the activities.

Our strength lies in the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the local regulatory environment which, when coupled with the international methodology and global legal know-how, enables us to provide the most practical and commercially-valuable advice whether locally or on a multi-jurisdictional level.

We effectively partner with our clients why performing our engagement whether it relates to inception, planning and due diligence for cross-border mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and joint venture establishment, or to private & public equity deals. In this regard, we assist our clients throughout all stages of their transactional activities for a prosperous outcome and successful result.

Furthermore, we provide our clients with an up-to-date advisory in line with the fast changing legal framework in the region, which is required by businesses in their day-to-day operations taking into account the nature of the business and the commercial and legal risks. Through our close relationship with government authorities, we are kept fully aware of their current practices which ensure that our advice is clear and practical.

On the corporate side of matters, our legal support to our clients includes, but is not limited to:

Commercial Transactions
: We assist our clients in respect of the drafting, reviewing, amending, advising and negotiating on various types of commercial agreements whether locally in the countries in which we operate or on the international level. Our work includes, among other things, Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements in addition to Franchise, Commercial Agencies and Distributorship Agreements.

Cross-border M&As: We cover all bases of the deals from deal structuring to equity and debt financing, taking into consideration the tax, antitrust, employment and regulatory issues. We perform the legal due diligence procedures associated with shares, investments and assets acquisitions and disposals transactions.

Capital Markets (equity and debt): We advise share issuers and bond issuers, banks and investment companies, public and private companies in connection with:
· Issuances, Rights Offering and Rights Issue
· Listing and de-listing of joint stock companies
· Initial Public and Private Offerings (IPOs)
· Bonds (public and private), including issuance and buyback
· Stock Exchange Rules
· Insiders Trading Rules
· Stock Option Schemes
· Capital Increase and Capital Reduction (public and private)
· All types of both Public and Private Investment Funds.

Public and Private Equity: We assist our clients on building portfolio value and minimizing their business risks, towards securing the right deals on the right terms in global and local markets.

Company formation and Corporate Restructuring: We advise and assist shareholders and board of directors in relation to the incorporation of the suitable corporate vehicles for their business including the corporate structuring, restructuring and reorganisation of local and multi-jurisdictional businesses in accordance with commercial, ownership and tax requirements.

Banking and Finance: We advise our clients in connection with:
· Complex loans and finance of debt
· Amortization of Debts and Settlement Agreements
· Debt/Asset Swaps
· Master Participation Agreements and Trade Loans
· Mortgages over real estates and Pledges of assets and shares.

Corporate Governance and Compliance: We advise our clients to ensure compliance with all regulations and corporate governance, and to mitigate risk and to conduct business ethically without the sacrifice of their profitability.
· Board of Directors' requirements in relation to membership and composition, appointment, election, internal committees', directors' duties, remuneration, and conflicts of interest
· Internal and external control measures, committee functions and their audit
· Management and delegation of duties
· Shareholders' rights and responsibilities, and general assembly meetings
· Disclosure and Transparency requirements

Antitrust (non-competition):We assist our clients in the course of their business expansion where compliance with complex antitrust regulations and laws strikes a difference between immunity and penalties.

Licensing and Regulatory matters: Regulatory requirements are growing in complexity and the penalties are becoming a burden. We assist our clients in identifying the risks arising from legislative changes. We also advice on various regulatory matters including anti-money laundry and anti-bribery, products regulations and foreign investment regulations. We provide access to legal and sector-specific industry regulations and assist our clients to navigate these rules in their industry and the proper licensing of their activities, products and operations.

Insolvency and liquidation: In a time of crisis and the difficulty of overcoming debt, we assist companies through these complex times when debtor/creditor disputes become inevitable, pursuant to the insolvency regulations and throughout the liquidation procedures.
We have acted in cases involving all regional laws as well as a range of other laws, including the laws of England and Wales, Swiss and French law.

FTD Partners regularly involved in the arbitration governed by institutional rules such as the Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) and other various Middle Eastern arbitration centers.

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