Employment and Benefits

FTD Partners has a wide experience and strong capabilities in the field of Labour and Employment relationships and HR-related matters.

Our assistance emerges in advising employers on drafting and negotiation of employment contracts, drafting internal terms and regulations of the entity and advising employer and employee on details related to the labor law.

There are many ways in which labor disputes may be resolved. Some of them may take months whereas others may take weeks or few days to resolve, so FTD Partners is following a specified methodology in order to ensure our clients get the best advice as quickly and effectively as possible.

For Employers:

You are drafting and putting in place:
- Contracts of employment (senior management, directors, staff)
- Non-solicitation and non-competition agreements or resolving breaches of such arrangements
- Employment policies (maternity, misconduct procedures, performance, visas and immigration procedures)

You are already in an employment dispute in the ministry of labor, a court or tribunal with a general employment issue

You want to perform business reorganizations and protect your business confidential information and interests (eg transfer of employment, change of employment conditions, dismissal and redundancy).

For Employees:

You are being treated in the workplace unfairly.

Your employment agreement was terminated illegally

You are considering quitting your employment because of your employer's apparent unlawful conduct

You are not able to rightfully negotiate with your employer termination pay, including gratuities, unused vacations, sick leaves, etc.

You are being pressured to sign a complicated and lengthy employment contract or release of claims that you do not fully understand

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