The definition of risk is constantly changing. Natural disasters, terrorism, economic meltdowns and threat of pandemics are all risks that increasingly affect the entire world.

Add legislative reform and more regulations on a local and global level to the mix, and companies today find themselves under enormous pressure.

You need lawyers who know your business and know how to mitigate your exposure
to outside risk factors. From dealing with consumers and competitors to meeting your regulatory commitments, FTD Partners will help you manage your own risk.

Expanding geographic markets. New business ideas. Fresh products.

FTD Partners can react when necessary, and even better, offer you insights and experience to help you anticipate issues before they become unmanageable.

The firm's professionals possess a breadth of knowledge and skill in many specialty coverage areas, including:

– Directors' and Officers' Liability

– Product Liability

– First-party Property Losses

– Business Interruption

– Environmental Liability

– Employment Practices Liability

– Crime/Fidelity Losses

– Trade Credit Coverage

– Defamation/Invasion of Privacy

– Financial Insurance Products

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