FTD Partners Maritime team offers pragmatic and definitive legal services to our clients in all matters related to the maritime industry.

Our lawyers provide a comprehensive service because we have a sound understanding of how the market and business community work in respect of transactional work, trade, insurance and finance

FTD Partners has the ability to cater for the needs of shipowners, charterers, cargo operators, insurers, agencies, maritime and trade community overall in the Arabian Gulf Region.

FTD Partners is providing a full legal service in relation to the sale and purchase of vessels and crafts, shipbuilding contracts, incorporation of shipping companies, vessel and craft registration, contracts for rendering services to the ship, chartering, operation, concluding all contracts in respect of insurance (P&I, H&M, FD&D), Class and Flag Administration.

In addition, FTD Partners has extensive experience to cover disputes and claims related to environmental claims, cargo claims, commercial matters, ship arrest, collision and shipwreck accidents, crewmembers, diversion, stowaways and refugees, life salvage, pollution risks, legal claims lodged by state authorities, charterer's liabilities, salvage, deviation, freight and demurrage.

We focus on assisting the clients to guard against and manage risks and to assist them in resolving disputes in the maritime related field.

We deal with Institutions and authorities working and related to the maritime and shipping field including state and governmental departments, flag administration, insurance companies (P&I - H&M Clubs and FD&D), international organizations related to crewing, class and surveying.

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